The Rugged Male

The Rugged Male

Five Reasons Men Should Wear A Watch

Men have been wearing wrist watches for over 100 years.  It was during World War I when soldiers in the trenches realized the traditional pocket watch of the time was not going to cut it on the battle field.  With limited communications during that time, precision timing was everything and soldiers couldn’t be fishing around for […]

Chicago’s Legendary Barman: Donnie Kruse

By Michael McDermott I’ve stepped into his restaurant a million times, but never in the daylight. Funny how places look different in the light of day. Places always look smaller, less celebratory in the light, which always makes me a little sad.  Perhaps it’s a result of twenty years of performing at night in venues similar. […]

Last Minute Gifts For The Rugged Male

Many of us late shoppers are still out there battling soccer moms on steroids in parking garages and shopping malls desperately trying to complete our holiday shopping.  They roll up on you all stealth in their X3 and nudge you out of that last parking spot or the line at Starbutts for their pumpkin-tapioca-eggnog, shot of coffee – […]

Give The Gift of Wine This Holiday Season

Still shopping for your difficult parents, uncle or brother who already have everything and don’t want anything?  Give the gift of wine this holiday season.  Columbia Crest is the first and only place you should go to shop for the wine lovers and winos on your list. Columbia Crest, located in the fine state of Washington, […]

The Single Best Thing About Thanksgiving

There is something that happens every Thanksgiving in every town in America that you don’t read about in the Huffington Post or see on the Today Show, or really even talk about with your friends.  It’s more of a small town thing, or small city; definitely Main Street, not so much Wall Street.  It happens […]

Waterman: Biography of Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku was not one to suffer from butterflies. Kahanamoku was a native Hawaiian whose ocean-bound childhood enabled him to dominate competitive swimming in the early 20th century. And at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, his first, he nearly missed the finals of the 100-meter freestyle. But Kahanamoku was not psyching himself out in the locker […]

High Tech Toys For Grown Men, That Are Cool

There was a time when kids were pretty stoked about GI Joes, Hot Wheels Cars and even Tecmo Bowl was considered high tech. Since those good ole days, the toy industry has gone through an extensive evolution.  This explains why the video game market is a $30B industry and grown men are hunkering down in […]

Lin Brehmer – The Reverend of Rock and Roll

By Michael McDermott Philosopher, Shaman, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Renaissance Man, Sports Enthusiast, Legendary Disc Jockey and by many – The Reverend of Rock n Roll.  Not your typical descriptions for a disc jockey. However, Lin Brehmer, is no ordinary disc jockey.. After 30 years of being in Chicago, his seemingly tireless dedication to his job […]

The Rugged Male Goes To The Vineyard!

Earlier this month we were invited to come visit one of our long term sponsors – Columbia Crest Vineyard in Patterson, Washington.  Now we completely understand that the wine life is not the most rugged of lifestyles and that being a wino probably carries more street cred than prancing around a vineyard inspecting grapes.  We get it, BUT […]

Smoking Meat With No Hassle

Because The Rugged Male has such a strong following of alpha males not afraid to hunt, gather and cook their own meals, even if it means hunting in the local supermarket, (which can be every bit as dangerous as hunting mountain lions), Char-Broil sent us their new Digital Electric Smoker to review, (MSRP $299).  This smoker is […]